SQUARE hails from rock city Örebro, Sweden. The band has been playing Speed Garage Ska – their own mix of high speed ska and energetic 60’s garage rock – since 1998, and dressed in uniform blue-grey shirts and minimal white jeans shorts they do everything in their power to spread their sweaty/messy message of unconditional lust and hedonism on stages all over Europe. Sensitive viewers are warned.

SQUARE has released three albums, two 7″-es and has been featured on various compilations. Since the release of their first album in 2003, the band has toured in Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, England, Wales, Scotland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden; playing alongside bands such as Babylon Circus, Dead Kennedys and Reel Big Fish and on music festivals such as Festival DeBeschaving (2006, NL), Liverpool Music Week (2006, UK), By:Larm (2005, NO) and Arvikafestivalen (2004, SE), Open OHR (2009, DE).

Martin Augustini – Vocals, Synthesizer
Håkan Ficks – Bass, Backing Vocals
Martin Ficks – Drums, Backing Vocals
Claes Persson – Guitars, Backing Vocals (currently on parental leave)
Andreas Fjellborg – Trumpet, Backing Vocals
Petter Fridell – Trombone, Backing Vocals
Johan Söderberg – Guitars, Backing Vocals

”Organized Music”, CD 2003, Fucking North Pole Records
”Split It Up” (with Lame Ducks), 7″ 2003, Fucking North Pole Records
”Organic Square”, CD 2004, Fuzzorama Records/Fucking North Pole Records
”Square do Truckfighters, Truckfighters do Square” (with Truckfighters), 7″ 2004, Fuzzorama Records
”SQR LM 019″, CD 2009, Über See Records


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